Art can be a document
Documents can be art

eye-shaped logoVisual Anthropology Center (VAC) is a creative hub dedicated to audio-visual research of the contemporary world.

In our age, ever so overwhelming with visual data, we find it crucially important for documentarists and social scientists to cooperate with visual artists, film and theater-makers in order for their work to be not only relevant but visually enticing as well.

VAC is an independent non-profit organization, not a part of any existing institution. We want our unique artistic and scientific approach to stay free and individual, non-biased by existing power structures and political tendencies.

Our Idea

We want to contribute to the global consciousness of humanity by creating socially sensitive films, photographs, and other forms of audio-visual art. We want to empower others to do so as well and create an international community of international creative thinkers. That is why we organize international and local schools of visual anthropology, online courses and residency programs.

Our Space

VAC is based in Belgrade, Serbia. Our core team is constituted of social scientists, filmmakers, ethnomusicologists, performance artists and culture workers. We operate a small community creative center - DC KROV.

School of Visual Anthropology 2024

VAC is back with School of Visual Anthropology after three years of absence due to crisis, pandemic, war and yottabytes (quadrillions of gigabytes) of visual data produced in the world around us. The question we have to ask is: what do you care?


Центар за визуелну антропологију – ВАЦ позива све заинтересоване, студенте, дипломце, мастеранте, докторанте истраживаче, који желе да се бави етнографским и документарним филмом да се укључе у Школу визуелне антропологије која почиње 21. фебруара 2024. године. Уз помоћ стручних предавача и ментора – етнолога, антрополога, социјалног антрополога, етномузиколога и филмских редитеља, полазници ће створити сопствене истраживачко-стваралачке тимове, развити тему и снимити кратак филм у школи која ће трајати седам недеља.


We tailor our residency programs based on the specific needs of the residents.

Our Work

The results of our previous local and international programs are available on our youtube page. Feel free to watch some of our sample works below.